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I need to understand my MRI reports. Please help.?

I have two reports of both my lumbar spine and my cervical spine. The first is from 10/07 and the new reports are from 12/08. In 2007 my lumbar report findings were – Mild disc bulging from L4-5 and 5-1. Mild disc desiccation throughout the lumbar spine. In 2008 my Lumbar findings are -Levoconvex Scoliosis. At T12/L1 disc hydration loss with posterior subligamentous Disc bulge. L1/2 Posterior disc herniation flattening ventral thecal sac. L4/5 Posterior Subligamenious disc bulge.
There is a shallow broad based central herniated disc/osteophyte complex at C3/4 causing mild encroachment upon ventral subarachnoid space. C4/5 discs shows mild loss of height. C5/6 discs shows loss of height and diffuse bulging with mild encroachment upon ventral subarachnoid space.
Diffuse Disc hydration loss. Diminished disc space height at C3/4 through C5/6. C2/3 Posterior disc bulge with ventral CCSFimpression. C3/4 Posterior disc herniation and posteriorosseous. Ridging are seen with ventral CSF Effacement, ventral cord abutment, Central canal stenosis uncinate productive change, left facet hypertrophic change and left foraminal narrowing. C4/5 posterior osseous ridging with posterior subligamentous disc bulge. C5/6 posterior disc herniation, posterior osseous ridging and uncinate productive change with CSF impression. Central canal stenosis and bilateral foraminal narrowing. C6/7 Posterior disc bulge with ventral CSF impression. T2/3 Right and Left peripheral disc bulging. T3/4 Right sided, peripheral disc bulging.

I have not found Dr. who can explain what is happening to me other than I have a deteriorating disc disease. I live on medication, and cannot stand upright without medication in me. In the past year, it is though every day of my life my condition is worsening. I fear the damage to my liver, as I have to children to live for, but everyday, I dont think I can take another day of suffering. My medication barely takes off the edge of my pain. I am 46 years old and have always taken care of my body, but now everyday things are so hard for me, to blow dry my hair, or go to work, walking, standing sitting, the pain is unbearable at all times and I feel as though shortly those things will be to much as I feel this has been so debilitating and still have no answers to what is wrong and what is happening to me. If there is anyone who can summarize or explain what is happening to me, or what I could do, Please help me. I cry everyday and there doesn’t seem to be any hope. Last year I had the unfortunate meeting with a Dr. who didn’t even bother to look at my x-rays once I mentioned that I cant walk or do normal things without the help of percocett, and treated me as though I were just a drug seeking addict. I need hope please.

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  • Erlique says:

    See a chiropractor.

    Sometimes they see what most other doctors don’t even look for.
    They are great for any type of spinal deterioration or disc problems.

    A common procedure they use is manipulation, which uses force and movement to place the spine in correct alignment, and is repeated regularly.

    I personally have had this done and it does wonders on nerves and disc slips. Other situations, too, I am sure of it.

    Really, what do you have to lose?

    January 15, 2012 at 10:42 am
  • J B says:

    You have multiple bulging discs that are pressing on your spinal cord and are causing the pain that you are having. You also have degenerative disc disease which accounts for the narrowing of the spaces between your discs. Both of these can be caused from lifting, twisting activities over a lifetime as well as injury. There are many people in your same situation but you have to take action. Taking pain medication is not your only option. A gentle exercise program which warms the muscles and brings increased blood flow to your back and back muscles is imperative. A physical therapist would be your best bet on designing a program that fits your current mobility. Warm muscles secrete serotonin which is the “feel good” chemical in your brain/body and can temporarily decrease your pain levels after exercise. You may not be able to do much at first but every additional step that you take can help decrease your pain – that is why you need the help of a professional. I don’t know if you have given a TENS unit a trial run – it can also help block the pain signals to your brain. This can be ordered by a physical therapist or your doctor. Also, continued used of anti-inflammatories is needed because your nerve roots in your spine are inflamed from the disc pressure against them – talk with your doctor about this. You should have an orthopedist who specializes in spine care directing your care. With a good doctor and exercise on your part, you may be able to again get back to a functioning lifestyle. You may never be pain free but it is possible to get it back to a tolerable level.

    January 15, 2012 at 11:41 am
  • formerly_bob says:

    You have two things going on here: the discs between the spine are becoming compressed in your neck and in the next few vertebrae below the neck. A healthy disc keeps the bones from compressing the nerves that leave the spine. When the discs get compressed, the nerves start supporting your spine because the bones start resting on the nerves instead of the disc. Any type of pressure on a nerve causes pain, and what you have causes a whole lot of pressure.

    The other source of pressure is bone growth into the cavity inside the spine, which puts pressure on the entire spinal cord – very painful.

    I sounds like its time to visit a clinic that specializes in spinal problems. There are surgical procedures that may be able to stop the pain and slow or stop the deterioration, and there really isn’t any other option besides enduring the pain. It would be good to talk with a doc to determine if discs are damaged enough at this point that exercise and physical won’t help, or to see if there are any non-surgical options at this point. I am guessing that surgery will be needed – it’s the only way to relieve compression from bone growth into the spinal canal.

    I work with a person that has had problems almost as bad as yours, and the docs performed a combination of surgical treatments to fix it. She lost some mobility in her neck from fusing a couple of bones, but otherwise is now pain free.

    January 15, 2012 at 11:55 am

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