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I am currently a sophmore at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and up to this point I have been unclear on my major. Inorder not to fall too far behind in the next three weeks I must declare a major. I recently have been looking into the medical field, more specificly Radiology and Anesthesiology and would greatly appreciate some first hand perspective on med-school, residency and beyond.

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  • mamiluv6 says:

    I work in radiology and talking with the radiologist hear I get the impression they really have it pretty good. I mean it all depends on what your interested in. Do you want to assit in surgery and sedation or do you enjoy reading films and dictating reports. Some of our radiologist preform procedures . ESI injections biopsys. It seems pretty interesting .
    Here is a link to a medschool information page It may help you find some information regarding your school.
    Whatever you decide to do just make it something you love and can be passionate about.
    Lots of Luck

    September 19, 2009 at 12:41 am

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