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Ultrasound accuracy regarding measurements , not related to pregnancy ?

I have recently had an ultrasound scan on my shoulder showing a tear on my suprapsinatus from the bone of 15mm x 13mm – how accurate is this , also ive been told i will need surgery to repair this and it will require surgical anchors or anchor , how many of theses will it require ??

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  • singlegal says:

    If the doctor reading the results of the ultrasound says there is a tear then I would bet there IS a tear. The doctor who will be doing the surgery is the only one who can tell you how many anchors will be required, how long it will all take to heal, is you will need physical therapy, or if you will have any physical limitations or how long you will be limited. No one online can give you any answers.

    I had a tear in my shoulder that was found w/ an MRI but luckily it had started to heal and I did not need surgery. I was not as lucky w/ the meniscus in my knee….also diagnosed w/ an MRI. I had to trust that the doctors involved w/ reading the scans and doing the surgery knew what they were doing.

    Good luck. Be patient.

    May 9, 2014 at 6:32 pm

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